Thanks for visiting Discover Mythology. My name is Simon and I started this blog to help me, and anyone else who is interested, explore the massive and ancient world of Mythology.

I became interested in the subject after watching the 2010 version of ‘Clash Of The Titans’ on DVD. Not the most amazing or intellectual film ever made but it was a really fun watch. I realised that many of the elements, the characters, the creatures, the plot, were of course very familiar.

At the time of writing, I still haven’t seen the original version, and it must’ve been 15 years since I learned about Ancient Greece or Rome at school. Something about this film, beyond the special effects, had opened my imagination. Coupled with this strange familiarity, this translated into an exciting new fascination.

Within days I was reading my first book on Mythology and quickly realised that I was entering a massive landscape. Browsing the chapter headings, Mythology was suddenly more than the Greeks and the Romans. Nearly every culture I could think of was represented by their own unique Mythology. Of course, I shouldn’t have been surprised by this and, as I read on, I began to realise the relationship between Myth, Religion and, to an extent, Cultural Identity.

That’s when I decided to stop reading. I was already hooked, but realised that I needed a way to organise and digest all of the information I was about to devour. That’s when I decided blogging was the answer. I could tackle each new question that arose in an informal piecemeal fashion, that would gradually compile all of my notes into handy reference database.

It’s also a way for me to take up writing again, something that I had particularly enjoyed from University and had begun to miss in recent months. So rather than create endless word documents full of bullet points for my own benefit, I decided to write blog posts and share them with anyone who might be interested. Please enjoy and let me know what you think.

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