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Welcome to Discover Mythology. This is where I record and reflect on the things I read, watch or listen to, as I explore my new favourite subject.


I’m starting with my first book about mythology: ‘Mythology for Dummies’ by Christopher W. Blackwell and Amy Hackney Blackwell (2002). I think these ‘For Dummies’ books are fantastic. They’re always entertaining, easy to read and get you started on any subject with good solid info. As a matter of fact, I’ve just reached the section on using WordPress in Birley and Gardner’s ‘Blogging For Dummies’ (2012).

20130612-144020.jpg 20130612-142808.jpg

As you can see this is still in the planning stage. Once I gather my momentum I hope to be posting on a weekly basis or after each chapter, film or documentary I finish. Whichever comes first. If you’re here because you’re interested in mythology (and I assume that you are) you can follow my blog via email and you can always add this blog to any RSS reader you might be using.

Above all I hope you enjoy what you find here and encourage you to leave comments and use this blog as a forum for discussion.

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